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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

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Ghost Kids (detail)
So here is the drawing of Mohammed and Buraq that I drew for this May 20th occasion.

 I feel very strongly that free speech should never be shut down due to violent threats alone. I also feel quite strongly that, while you may have the right to be offended, no one has the right to not be offended! The fact that people threaten violence (and carry through in many cases) is despicable to me and thus I happily drew my own little blasphemous piece of Mohammed parody art for Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

Let me get one thing straight though. I have nothing against individual Muslim people. I know many that I consider quite wonderful people. I do take issue with many points of the Muslim religion, however. It is similar to issues I have with many other organized religions that hold doctrine over reason and tout an authoritarian suppression of humanity.

Keep in mind also, while today I'm targeting the Muslim prophet in my art... parody of sacred and religious topics is nothing new in my art. I have quite a many cartoon parodies I've drawn of Jesus over time (for example). Seems only fair that I draw one of Mohammed, eh?
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